Founded in 2018 by Jennifer Gonzalez, Chika Boom Boom is a women’s swimwear brand & curated online boutique based out of Los Angeles CA. CBB was born out of the recognition that most swimwear brands cater to a very narrow and specific body type, inconsistent with the way most woman are built. CBB believes that all body types are beautiful and deserving of fun, chic, form-fitting suits. As such, CBB offers a variety of suits designed to fit a range of body types with the goal of making the everyday woman feel anything but.    

Chika Boom Boom’s original swimwear is designed in Southern California with fit, color, and fabric quality as the focus. The timeless designs are inspired by Jennifer’s adventures to far-off tropical paradises, combined with elements that reflect her laid-back Southern California upbringing.      

CBB as an outdoor, lifestyle brand cares deeply about the environment. In addition to producing locally, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with overseas shipping, CBB makes every effort to source materials locally whenever possible.